Top 5 Ways You Can Reduce Your Plastic Waste

As signs of plastic pollution become more and more evident, (great pacific garbage patch, we are looking at you), we at Nyce bags urge you to take a stance and move towards a more sustainable way of life. Here are the top 5 ways you can reduce your plastic consumption today. 

  1. Be aware of the plastic you use

This is one of the biggest things you can do right now. Pay attention to what you purchase at the grocery store. Observe the amount of plastic forks and spoons you use, see how much garbage you produce. The first step of living a more sustainable life is simply being aware of the impact you are currently having on the environment. 

  1. Avoid using plastic bags at the grocery store. 

Plastic bags are one of the most difficult things to recycle and one of the longest lasting single use plastics. It can take several thousand years for a grocery store bag to break down. Especially when the average use of the bag is less than one hour. Use Nyce Bags as a stylish option to cut down on plastic. If you forget, carry your groceries to the car! Trust us, after doing this a few times, remembering your bags will all of a sudden become a lot easier!  Besides, don’t we all want to get rid of the infamous “bag full of bags” we have at our house? 

  1. Purchase food in bulk at the grocery stores using reusable containers. 

Mason Jars are a beautiful alternative to plastic bags. When you purchase grains and other bulk items in bulk, you have the chance to only buy what you need, spend significantly less per pound, and dramatically cut down on unnecessary packaging. This is a cost effective and easy way to become more sustainable. 

  1. Carry reusable water bottles and Coffee mugs 

Just one reusable water bottle can save you thousands of dollars and thousands of disposable water bottles in its lifetime. Carrying these around gives you a chance to stay hydrated and save the planet while doing so. 

  1. Be okay being imperfect

The longer you work at living a more sustainable life, the better you will become. You don’t have to be 100% perfect, we just urge you to try to improve. You will feel good about yourself and the planet will thank you. 

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