How our Logo Came to Be

Logan, the home of Nyce Bags, is nestled in the beautiful mountains of Northern Utah. Logan is home to stunning scenery, world class rock climbing, and spectacular back country skiing. It is an extraordinary place to live and all four founders have called this outdoor haven home. 

Like many outdoor-focused communities, there is a strong movement of environmentalists. We are proud to be one of the first three cities in Utah to implement some version of a plastic bag bag. Nyce Bags is built on the need to live a more sustainable life, while sticking to our mountainous roots. We strive to always channel our love for the outdoors and our passion for keeping the earth clean into our bags. 

We illustrate our love for the environment through thoughtful, mountainous design, and through paying homage to one of the most important peaks in Logan, Naomi Peak. Naomi Peak has tender roots. It was named in the 1800’s by an explorer who was longing for his wife. This peak represents strength, and the tender love we can feel for others. We chose to use this peak to represent our strong stance towards a plastic free world, and as a symbol that we will be kind and sincere while pursuing our goals. 

We hope that as you use Nyce Bags, you will remember to be strong in your convictions, yet gentle in your actions towards others. Like Naomi Peak, Nyce Bags are more than meet the eye. We long for a better world. We hope you join us in the cause.

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